The world needs more people like you! Yes, I'm somewhat of a positive person and strive for certain goals but nothing of the magnitude that you've accomplished. That is an entirely new level of positiveness! That is a level that leaders are made of and that's what you are! God Bless and keep up the good work!!!

Sean H

I am a great admirer of Dawn Ciccone. I highly recommend her on her passion for helping others reach life changes through fitness nutrition spirituality and awareness. I ve know Dawn for five years & during that time there were many times that I had challenges in my life and she has helped me through her advise her determination her courage her resolve and her strength. She has been a strong roll model for me . When I ve experienced challengers in my life. I would think of her saying. YES I CAN and that attitude has helped me succeed. I continue to seek her advice.

David H. Silverman, DPM

To anyone who is trying to overcome a health issue, a weight issue, a sleeping issue or just improve their ability to exercise and perform (at any level), I strongly recommend Dawn as a "guide back to normalcy." She is very caring and very knowledgeable about the human body and what it needs to perform the functions (INCLUDING "HEALING") it is capable of performing.

Joey P

Dawn is a passionate confident woman that follows the strength in her soul and is aware of what lies ahead as well as beneath. To have Dawn in your corner is having someone light the fire within you to discover the beauty that has at times felt hidden. She is a gift to all that cross paths with her.