Attention: due to Covid-19 races are just making their way back from virtual. As they do we will reinstate the running tours. Thank you for your patience. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Keep Running.-- Dawn Ciccone

Dawn Ciccone presents

Run for Joy

Local Running Tours

Join an ACTIVE vacation where fellow runners come together to experience the enthusiasm of competition. Run a targeted race supported with a VIP experience.

About Run for Joy

The VIP Experience

Your ideal tour starts with a running expert who knows the area, has run or is very familiar with the race and course terrain.

When you get to your destination, at the hotel of your choice, you'll meet your tour guide at a predetermined meeting place, usually the host hotel.  You'll be welcomed with a meet-and-greet of fellow runners and have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the surrounding area.

You'll be provided with helpful training tips, an injury prevention guide, nutritional guidance and other ways to prepare for your race, depending on your level of training. You'll know the difference between dressing for race start and dressing for the finish...what to bring, and much more.

Image by Wesley Eland

Race Day

Race morning you're prepared and know where you're going, because you're not alone! You arrive at the start to be greeted by your running our guide who leads you through a checklist to make sure you didn't forget anything. (And of course, your guide is prepared with items you may have forgotten.)  


Next, you participate in some mild stretching, and mediation to relax and shake off the 'jitters.' Next, we get you pumped up.

You have confidence, because you were prepared by your running tour guide for anything that comes up. You know how to dress for the finish, replenish, pace and enjoy the experience. We turn race nervousness into kick ass excitement! Move to the START and we'll see you at the FINISH!

Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Along the Course

Each mile of your destination is filled with the confidence in knowing you're well-prepared and supported. Amongst the cheers and crowds, you will see familiar faces of fellow runners you've met during this running tour adventure. You may catch a glimpse of your tour guide shouting and cheering you on.

There will be no surprises for you have been prepped to deal with anything that comes up and you know you will be greeted at the finish with. cheers, a medal and your tour guide's smiling face.  


Women Running Marathon


Whether an avid runner or weekend warrior;  whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, it’s more pleasurable to share camaraderie with old friends and meet new ones! There will be a good mix of newbies, intermediates, and elites in our group page to pool suggestions and ideas from.


The moment you sign up you become part of a private FaceBook group that prepares for the upcoming event.

You'll be provided with helpful training tips, an injury prevention guide, nutritional guidance and others way to prepare for your race, depending on your level of training. 


Once you return home, the Facebook page will be your connection for staying in touch, sharing your experience and keeping in touch with future race offerings and events.

Womens Race Practice

Here's what you'll gain!

A Sense of Accomplishment - You cross the finish line of your targeted race elated, arms outstretched ready to receive your finisher medal. Filled with great satisfaction and gratitude that you signed up for this program.

Empowerment -  Kudos to you; you're exhilarated with a sense of pride in knowing you did it! There's no greater source of achievement and this will carry into your personal and professional life. You are among the select few who follow through to the end.


Valuable Information and tips - Wow, you not only learned pre-race preparation, but post race recovery. You know what it means to 'dress for the finish' rather than the start.

Lifetime friendships and connections - Your running guide is much more than a person who familiarized you with the race course; she encouraged and supported you every step of the way. 

You take home a unique experience, knowing more about pre-race conditioning, nutrition and injury prevention than you did before.

You're part of a family who you know will be there for future events. You can rely on the skills of the same running guide and share races with familiar faces. You've made new friends and created lifetime memories, and through the private FaceBook group, you have a network to reach out to for future races. 

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