Runners and weekend warriors; are you searching for a ACTIVE vacation that brings fellow runners
together to experience the enthusiasm of competition? Wouldn’t you love to run a targeted race
supported with a VIP experience? Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, it’s more
pleasurable to share camaraderie with old friends and meet new ones!

Your ideal tour starts with a running expert who knows the area, has run or is very familiar with
the race and course terrain. The moment to sign up you are part of a private FaceBook group that
prepares for the upcoming event. You will be provided with helpful training tips, an injury
prevention guide, nutritional guidance and others way to prepare for your race, depending on your
level of training. There will be a good mix of newbies, intermediates, and elites in our group page
to pool suggestions and ideas from.

When you get to your destination, at the hotel of your choice, we will meet at a central meeting
place, usually the host hotel. PLEASE NOTE: Travel and hotel accommodations, along with
food and drinking arrangements are solely on your own. This is a VIP experience focused
on the race itself.

Your tour includes pre-race preparation that guides you through a meet and greet of fellow
runners, familiarizes you with the surrounding area, leads you on a pre-course run and offers group
camaraderie. With plenty of personal time to sightsee, you can also take advantage of the optional
carbo-loading dinner and social time. Race morning you are supported with mild stretching,
mediation, and motivation! Did we mention getting you ‘pumped up?”

Race day - you will be supported at race start and along the course when possible. You running
tour guide will be there to cheer and celebrate you crossing the finish line. You will be encouraged
to attend the race award ceremony and after party where we can brainstorm what went wrong and
what went right, discuss any issues that developed and share one another’s accomplishments!
Once you return home, the Facebook page will be your connection for staying in touch, sharing
your experience and keeping in touch with future race offerings and events.

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