You Can’t Control the Uncontrollable.

How quickly and dramatically things shift. It’s a new world we’re living in and each of you are trying to navigate through the fear and sadness of it all, while grieving the loss of ‘normal’ that you took for granted. Most of you know the amount of control you have over your own life is more an illusion than reality. Yes, you have choices and depending upon the ones you make, your life goes into a particular direction. Each choice changes the direction of your life, sometimes in subtle ways and other times more surreal.

The Coronavirus has brought an overwhelming awareness of helplessness. People react differently to the seeming loss-of-control. There are those among you who will resort to fear, panic, depression, anger, and even violence. Our very history is based upon fighting for freedom to choose our own destinies. But it also stands on a nation of people united for a cause. Trying to control the uncontrollable makes for a more fearful, stressful, confusing and unhappy existence. At some point you must become compliant.

“When you Change the way you see things, the things you see Change” – Wayne Dyer

There’s nothing to fix, nowhere to go, no one to be – it’s a moment-to-moment awareness of going beyond fear to see the end result.

the authentic wanderer