The Day After

Every day winds up being 'a day after;' feelings of regret, deflation and loss. Even a special event that fulfills a lifelong dream has a day after. It seems the most monumental memories come with a flashback of second guessing, should haves, and tones of reassessing things.

Why is it that people struggle with 'what is?' We constantly wish it to be different than what it is, wasting energy, happiness and precious time in the worrying mode. The worry mode causes us to be doers of anything and everything to avoid and distract ourselves from what is! If we are doing, then we are not being.

Living in the moment is not complicated, but it is a challenge to achieve. If we could all be present with where we are, with whom we are with, and with what we're doing, there'd be no second guessing and no day after.

Many people approach their daily routine as though it were an act in a play. We awake, go through the grooming motions, put on our cheery face, perform on auto-pilot through the work day, interacting and having mundane conversations that are too superficial to recall. "How are you feeling?" Do you truly care or want to know? And would you be willing to participate in a deep exchange if it meant helping another to have a better day, or do assumed time constraints prevail?

Here's the secret: When you give, you get back more! It's like nurturing a seedling. A little sunshine and water goes a long way and you're not only blessed with a glorious bloom, but with the satisfaction and joy that YOUR effort brought forth such a miracle:)

the authentic wanderer

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