Rules of the Road for Cyclists, Runners, Walkers ...

It’s activity weather and people like to gravitate outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air by cycling, walking skateboarding, and running. Whether you’re sharing the road, a path or trail, being courteous is not only kind, but it keeps you safe! Be Active, but Learn the Rules of the Road.

The multi-sport etiquette is as follows: KEEP RIGHT

The first thing to remember is that everyone keeps right UNLESS YOU ARE RUNNING WITH TRAFFIC! In that case, runners should always run against traffic so you can see oncoming cars.


  • When running a pathway or trail, run right and pass left.

  • If using headphones, keep the volume at a level you can safely hear your surroundings so you are not taken by surprise.


  • Running against traffic keeps you safe, but be cognitive that drivers making a right-hand turn do not expect that someone will be on the road coming towards them so stay alert!

  • Just the same, vehicles pulling out of driveways and side streets will be looking to their left and not be aware of your presence. DON’T assume they see you!

  • Always go behind a car unless they clearly see you and wave you on.


This rule applies to ALL.

  • Honor one another’s right-of-way. Faster moving yields to the slower such as cyclist yield to runners. Skateboarders/rollerbladers yield to runners. Runners yields to walkers.

  • When passing announce your presence by ringing your bell or saying “On your left” and going over on the left with plenty of room to assure you don’t sideswipe the person. Give the person you are passing enough time to process your announcement.

  • If it is crowded, slow down and wait for an opportunity to pass! Don’t get so close as to not be able to react to a person’s sudden move.

  • Don’t assume the runner, walker, skateboarders, rollerbladers, cyclist knows you are there. Many have headphones or can be in a zone of their own.


When walking a pet, make sure you carry plenty of water for them. In hot weather, stop frequently and allow them to drink and rest. Remember that an animal’s pace is not the same as yours. It takes small animals more movement to keep up with a cyclist or runner. If you're walking a pet on a long leash, make sure you reign the leash in when you’re passing or being passed. No one wants to get tangled in a leash or bitten by a frightened dog.

Cyclists on the other hand must ride the road with the same responsibility as automobile drives.

This means:

  •  STOPPING at Stop signs and traffic lights and using turn signals.

  •  Follow lane markings.

  •  Don’t needlessly block the road.

  •  Ride right – as near to the right as is practical.

  •  Ride with traffic, single file.

  •  Be predictable – don’t weave.

  •  Use lights at night.

Now that you know the rules of the road, get out there and ENJOY! 

the authentic wanderer