Planting Seeds

We're all human, therefore we come with egos. That isn't bad; it simply IS human.

As human, we like to express our passion, influence others, and share the best of what we're good at. And that is exactly what we should be doing, for each person's contribution of thought and time is planting a seed that in turn gets spread around by the person with whom they planted the original seed with. Can you see the pattern?

Every thought, expression, word written or spoken has been repeated over and over. There is no original creator; only a brilliant entrepreneur with the insight and courage to put it out there to market!! And yes, they deserve the credit, fame and financial gain that goes with it.

Unfortunately, it seems that one can't request advice or assistance from another without a price tag being put on it. It has become big business, and it is warranted when time is involved, but what about common sharing of knowledge for the sake of expanding another? After all, when you expand another; you expand yourself. 

What you give comes back to you tenfold. We are all pieces of the same puzzle.

When Johnny Appleseed traveled around spreading seed, he didn't worry about the outcome or count ownership of the trees that grew from his efforts. He did it freely to better the collective and see the end picture.

The biggest thing that trips most people up is the desire to take ownership! If I share an idea and it is well-received, and someone gains from it, I should be proud that I influenced another. After all, what you do to another; you do to yourself. We are a collective energy. In the same way a bird carries a seed across miles of terrain; or the wind transports a seed to a less-than-fertile soil, ideas flow freely. Human kindness is taking time, as long or short as you have, and sharing whatever can enhance each other's lives.

the authentic wanderer