Pain, pain...go away...

Sometimes the road to recovery is filled with potholes and curves, but if you stop, turn and look back every now and again, you can see progress.

Pain is not limited to the physical. We expect a certain amount of pain and discomfort as we work our way back to strength. It's pertinent to use the medications prescribed and take the precautions necessary to assist in your healing. That includes addressing the pain of your emotional trauma. And YES, any injury or setback is a traumatic.

Don't judge the injury by what it appears to be. Look past the obvious to the inside...things are not what they always appear to be. There is so much to be learned if you can allow yourself to be exactly where you are... not in the past nor the future. See with new eyes...the person within you are discovering.

Sometimes you will feel like the forgotten warrior.

We can easily get stuck in our pain; in the havoc our injury is causing to our lifestyle and emotions. It is okay to sit in the self-pity for a brief period. Feeling the loss is part of healing. If you do not allow that, it is easy to slip into denial. Denial is a cunning disease that takes charge to the point we no longer see outside ourselves. That is destructive to our ability to heal.

I see my tragedy as my greatest gift, because it developed me holistically. I didn’t just gain strength in recovery, I gained strength, trust, faith and inspiration in the mental, emotional and spiritual development it caused. Would I have elected to go through all this growth without being forced into it through my accident? I believe it was divine intervention…a gift.

There will be times when, even with the support of friends and family, you'll feel very much alone. This is a time to remember that healing the whole you is only accomplished solo – as in – from within.