Little Steps That Lead to a Joyful Life

Life is experiential; forever growing and flowing. Attaining Your Best Life is not a journey of ‘'keeping pace’ with the flow, but rather an experience of BEING present, one moment at a time! If you’re jumping ahead to your next thought or reflecting back to something familiar, you’re missing life!! These are either past memories or future hopes...but true living happens in the moment!

If you’re driving a car, a few degrees change in the position of the steering wheel ends up being hundreds of degrees change in course! Likewise, it’s about tweaking your lifestyle in an easy way, not drastic change that will set off fearful alarms and set you up to fail.

You have a higher self beyond your human desire and limiting beliefs. For me, it's tapping into your highest soul potential through physicality. Being in the body, in movement, bypasses mind chatter and allows creative flow and imagination. And in stillness, meditation, deep thought, it's about trusting what you 'FEEL' rather than 'think.' This awareness opens us up and builds with each experience. We're all familiar with tightness in our shoulders and the pit in our stomach when we know something isn't right.

Little steps that make a huge change:

  • Set your watch alarm to go off 2 times a day, morning, afternoon or evening. When you hear the alarm, take 3 to 5 minutes to just breathe and be aware of the present moment. Where you are or what you're doing doesn't matter. It's training yourself to practice awareness. To just be present in your body, This will lead to getting in touch with your divine capacity.

  • With each and every choice you are presented with, ask yourself: "How does this choice feel? What choice 'feels' more like me? Does it light me up or make me feel heavy and tense? Again, this is awareness of your feelings, nit thoughts.

  • Next time a belief shows up, take a moment to reflect on this question :'Is this what I truly believe or what I've been told to believe?

  • When you're stuck in a negative thought and feel hopeless to change the circumstances, focus on a spot on the wall or ceiling and imagine what you DO want to feel. It's about changing the energy frequency and producing a 'feeling' rather than a thought. Feeling is being present in the moment. Thoughts often trigger past memories, experiences, and traumas that trigger memories that fool you into thinking they are within your control, but you have no power in the past.

You may be in a job you hate, a relationship that isn't making you feel good or struggling with finances, but the more focus you put on the NOT WANTING, the more of it you get. Things may not change overnight, but the process starts in becoming aware that it's the thoughts you are thinking that trips you up. The solution is to do things that bring you JOY. Discover by trying new things, adventures, creative art, dancing, or body work.

You were born perfect and magnificent - rediscover YOUR JOY and you will attain your highest potential.