Jump Start to Getting Healthy Fast!

Let’s face it, we are in a hurry-up and get it done now world. We don’t have time to wait for results. Therefore, we are always seeking instant gratification. Here are some readily available ways to enhance your health NOW.

  1. Drink more water.

  2. Cook more meals at home.

  3. Increase whole grains and fiber.

  4. Increase sweet vegetables such as sweet potatoes,

  5. Eat green. Add dark leafy vegetables to your diet.

  6. Pay attention to the way you feel after you eat a particular food. Awareness of food allergies can eliminate many troubling ailments.

  7. Experiment with protein. Many athletes eat carbs and neglect protein.

  8. Eat less red meat, sugar and chemicals; limit dairy, junk food, and alcohol, but go ahead and have that cup of coffee.

  9. Develop easy and reliable habits to nurture your body.

  10. Have healthy relationships that support you.

  11. Do physical activity that you enjoy.

  12. Find work you love or a way to love your work.

  13. Getting more sleep.

  14. Develop a spiritual practice.

“Water, water everywhere…and not a drop to drink,” - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Let’s face it, we are surrounded by water and yet we consume more soda, juices, and sugar-laden sports drinks than water. Read the labels, fruit juice is just that! If the first ingredient is sugar or corn syrup, or there are ingredients you can’t pronounce, chances are it isn’t a nutritious choice. You’d be surprised to find out that some fruit drinks don’t even have the fruit in them.

Water is key. The human body is made up mostly of water. The body doesn’t send messages to drink until you are on the verge of dehydration, and this signal is often misinterpreted as mild hunger. If we drink water throughout the day, we can keep hydrated.

An average person should consume eight 8 ounce glasses of water daily, but as athletes we need to consume more, especially during activity, and in warm weather, we probably can double that amount.

Drink a glass of water before you eat, and that will help your cravings and give you the water you need. If you need to add a twist to make it more enticing, try a twist of lemon, lime or orange. A slice of cucumber in water is refreshing. Just make it real fruit and not these Vitamins, flavor added, new-wave water drinks.

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