It's Time To RollUpYour Sleeves

Whenever you withstand an injury or have a setback, whether physical, emotional, relationship wise, or spiritual, it's time to roll up your sleeves and DIG DEEP!

And I mean deep into who you are, what you want out of YOUR life, because this is YOUR life – and your injury has given you the opportunity!

I come from the belief that things happen for a reason…and that reason is always to make us better, stronger, wiser, and more caring human beings. You may like to think you are in complete control over your life, but as your injury proves…you aren’t.

Sound scary? Perhaps, but only if the gift…the lesson, eludes you.

Any adversity, struggle, pain, injury or disappointment is an invitation to learn. Why do people label such things as negative or bad? They are neither - it's all in the way we react:)

I recall the moments before my tragedy occurred. My life was utter confusion. I was stressed out trying to find the perfect job. I had financial commitments I had trouble meeting, and I was questioning the honesty of a long-term relationship. My emotions were in a tumultuous downward spiral and I knew more than ever before – I was NOT in control of my life!

In frustration, I screamed at the top of my lungs: “I’m ready God. Whatever it takes, I’m ready to change my life…bring it on..” Two days later I was struck head-on by a truck.

My life definitely changed. I could have surrendered to despair, depression and anger. It would have been easy to complain, feel sorry for myself and allow others to take care of my every need, but I knew there was a reason for this tragedy. 

And years later I had the 'aah hah' realization that I had actually asked for this awakening. You know what they say: "God tries to get your attention by throwing sand, then tossing pebbles and if that doesn't work ~ well let's just say the truck did the trick:) And the lesson? So many lessons...coming in the next post. Dawn Ciccone the authentic wanderer.