Houseplants Purify Your Air

Winter is a time that most of us stay indoors, closing ourselves off from the cold and consequently fresh air.  And now in our forced isolation from the Coronavirus it's the perfect time for houseplants. Did you know that houseplants purify your air?

A research study by NASA show houseplants can remove harmful dangerous air toxins. This 30 year study was started to determine the health benefits of houseplants. What they found that the most common indoor chemicals of concern such as: benzene and xylene, found in plastics, nylon, dyes and detergents, cleaning products, printing ink, adhesives and fragrances were lessened by the air-purifying quality of plants. They suggest one or two plants for every 100 sq.ft. of indoor space.

The Top Plants for air purification

  • Peace lilies rank highest at cleansing nearly all chemicals floating around in today’s home air. Peace lilies are common in both homes and offices and perform well even under low-light conditions. They can be located several feet away from a window.

  • Sanseveria, called snake plant, performed second highest, removing nearly all air contaminants. Snake plants are not only easy to grow but long-living plants that need little light or water. 

  • Palms such as areca, lady and bamboo types as well as several types of dracaenas. 

  • Golden pothos and English ivy are rapid-growing vines that are attractive for hanging.

  • Chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies are effective as purifiers, but are sometimes difficult to maintain as houseplants.

  • Spider plants and Philodendron have long been recognized as an air cleansers.

  • Aloe vera is a good choice, because it also serves as a medicine plant.