Gaining Health From the Inside Out with Collective Consciousness

We're all conscious about what we feel like eating on a particular day. We put thought into choosing where to go and whom to share meals with, but when is the last time you've given any thought to your food origin?

Vegetables, fruits and grains are all grown someone. You may not think it important, but how foods are grown, processed, preserved and shipped have significant impact on your overall health. And the way in which animals are fed, treated and slaughtered as well.

We've all considered at one time or another, the pesticides, steroids, hybridization and processing that is done to the foods we eat, and we make the best choices based on what we know. But there are things you may not have considered - .hence, the things you don't know, you don't know! Let me say that slowly. There are things we are aware of that help us make educated decisions, but if certain ideas don't occur to us, how can we decide anything? I'm here to make those ideas obvious so you can make an conscious decision on what you choose to put into your body, because food should nourish.

While exercise is very important and not to be neglected; what you eat accounts for about 70% of what you look like, how you feel and the state of your overall health, including your emotional wellbeing.

I'm sure we've all found ourselves in the middle of a hostile environment, where someone is angry and flinging their negativity all around. You can try to turn it around with a positive spin, but usually those situations are too volatile. You get caught up in it and become an extension of that negativity or you can just remove yourself from the situation. The point is, you are in control to decide what's best for your state of being.

In a similar way, each meal consumed has a thread that starts with the food item's origin.

  • Are the vegetables, fruits and grains in your meals 'hot house' grown? Do they come from a local farm or are they imported from other countries? Are they grown organic or treated with pesticides?

  • If the meal includes a protein, was the animal free range and steroid-free feed or were they made to live in cages to limit movement and fed fillers and growth hormones? And as much as we don't like to think of the slaughter of our food, were they killed humanely or tortured for expedience and profit?

There's a reason 'farm-to-table' restaurants are growing exponentially and organic choices are now available in every supermarket. We can't possibly be in control of every step in the food chain, but we can be aware when we shop food choices.

Another important aspect often overlooked is food preparation. Whomever is preparing the food is extremely relevant.

  • Is the meal being made with love?

A cook who enjoys the art of cooking, respects that art and the people they're serving.
Just like the disgruntle co-worker, if a meal is prepared in anger or resentment, it comes with negative energy.

To some this may all sound like hogwash, but the choices you make on what to wear or what to drive shouldn't get more priority over what you put inside your body. You can trade in your car or update your wardrobe, but you can't replace your health! How you treat your body is accumulative, and what you put inside it is imperative to healthy, energetic and vibrant life!

Practice wise food choices, conscious eating and being active as a healthy way of life. The key to good health is taking charge of those things within your control.