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You Grew Up Thinking You Can’tYou Forgot To Ask Why?
Image by Peter Conlan

You Grew Up Thinking You CAN’T - (fill in the blank) You Forgot To Ask WHY?

Image by Peter Conlan

What love is this, so great that I dwarf in its presence, yet expand within its embrace? - Dawn Ciccone

Answer Your Why

3 Month Life-Changing Program
Answer Your Why! 

Society is barraged with constant information and stimulation. It's easy to lose sight of knowing which thoughts actually belong to you! But the inner nudging is your soul's whisper that has been nudging you all along to bypass the mind chatter and step into knowing.  Allow your vision to expand to the reality that things are not always as they appear. Learn how to open to the whisper and trust your body.


I'm certain at one time or another you've experienced that nagging pit in the stomach or tension in your shoulders, that tells you something doesn't 'feel' right. Discover ways to feel into your body and unleash your magic! The best gifts come in simple packages.


Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

​You're a unique holistic being of body, mind and spirit.

Take gratitude in the fact there will never be anyone like you! Your desire to care and please others cannot be at the risk of putting your own desires aside. It's easy to get trapped in an identity of a significant other, mother, child or friend. It's time to reinvent yourself.  


Think about a significant purchase you made; perhaps a car. Wanting what's best, you research various models, calculate gas mileage, cost and safety. 

  • When's the last time you put a fraction of that time into yourself?

  • Are you conscious of what you put in your mouth?

  • Do you drive through fast food, eat in your car or stand at the kitchen counter?

  • What environment do you surround yourself in?

  • Are the people in your life enhancing it? 

Reflecting in the Meadow

Own Your Voice

In a society that's taught women to be seen, but unheard, you have the freedom to break free and listen to your own voice. Owning your voice is speaking your truth without fear of reprisal or rejection. When you own your voice, you own your JOY!


This program supports you with self-care tools that nurture and honor your body and spirit. Your toolbox consists of ways to surround yourself in nature,  24/7 access to nutritional advice, setting boundaries, thought-provoking journal writing and inspirational nuggets on how-to create your personal and sacred sanctuary that honors what you yearn for.


There aren't any dress codes, requirements or judgements and from that vantage point you gain insight into your heart. 

Happy Friends Laughing

Additional Features

- Private Facebook group

- 1:1 progress sessions

- Unlimited email access for questions and support

- Check-in calls

- Healthy lifestyle food guide with access to recipes

- Suggested body movements

- Meditations

- Journal offerings

- Helpful articles and motivational writing

- Informative tips on crystals, oils, scents, chimes, etc

- Where-to-find meditative videos, relaxing music &     sound healing

- Ideas on creating your personal sanctuary & sitting  mediation garden 

Image by Brigitte Tohm
IIN Certified Health Coach |RRCA & USATF Running Coach, NPS Guide
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I've always loved sunshine and fresh air, but it wasn't until

I truly gave myself up to the possibilities of life that I discovered the magnitude of support in nature. I struggled with finding my 'soul purpose.' Totally frustrated by my lack to break free from being everybody's someone and nothing for myself, I decided to answer that deep yearning by going off on a 'eat, love, pray' journey.  It occurred to me that wherever I go, there I am so I decided to save time and the expense of traveling to far-off places and went into the woods! 


I walked with the introspective to answer the inevitable “who am I and where do I fit in the universe?” My only intention was to remain open-hearted to what presented itself.

I discovered I could trust love, because nature gives it unconditionally. There's wasn't anything I had to do or say; no dress code - it’s come as you are - perfectly human with all your imperfect fears of being unloving, unlovable or unworthy. Nature places no judgements and it will never abandon you.  Here is where you re-learn acceptance and trust of yourself.  And that’s when the magic begins! :) 

The Authentic Wanderer, spreading JOY along the way.

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