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Meet The Soul Whisperer, Dawn Ciccone

I was born an empath, intuitive and mystic. At an early age I could foresee events, feel people's emotions and even channel

those who've passed.

Rather than be frightened, I was intrigued and I eager to follow the mystic's path to discovering my unique healing energy gifts.

'The true definition of a mystic is always questioning,

seeking that which is beyond one's reach, but not in a futile

search for answers, but in an awe-inspired thirst to grow.'

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Honoring the Soulful Path
3 Month 'Coming Out' Program

We start by peeling the onion of YOU to reveal your magnificent potential. It's difficult to nurture that which you're unaware of, and therefore it's vital to have guidance from someone whose walked the journey.

It's my honor to assist in birthing the beautiful, vibrant woman your are and discovering all the juicy nuiances that make up soulful you.

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Uniting Mind/Body/Spirit
Awareness is a Powerful Life Force Energy Reset  

When we become aware we can SEE clearly.

The soulful journey awakens you to recognizing the mind, body and soul are not, and can never be separate. You may criticize parts of body or feel disappointment in your progress; you may wish things were different, but reality is you're looking for much less than you already have. You are a holistic being and everything aspect of you relies on the other. 

By allowing a soul-centered approach to life, you bring forth joy in every aspect of your being. The result is freedom, joy and living your life purpose.

Silence the mind and the heart will speak.

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Lynn S.

Dawn is an inspiration in her commitment to being her best and supporting her clients in their optimal state of wellness. She's got tools, education and resources and more. ... The most important asset she brings to her clients is that she truly cares about them. Dawn is transformation in living form for, with and through her clients.


David S.

To anyone who is trying to overcome a health issue, a weight issue, a sleeping issue or just improve their ability to exercise and perform (at any level), I strongly recommend Dawn as a "guide back to normalcy." She is very caring and very knowledgeable about the human body and what it needs to perform the functions (INCLUDING "HEALING") it is capable of performing.

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Joey P.

Dawn is a passionate confident woman that follows the strength in her soul and is aware of what lies ahead as well as beneath. To have Dawn in your corner is having someone light the fire within you to discover the beauty that has at times felt hidden. She is a gift to all that cross paths with her.

Dawn Ciccone, Soul Whisperer
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I've always loved sunshine and fresh air. I found nature to soothe my anxiety, clear my mind and replenish my spirit, yet there was a gnawing ache in my stomach - a subtle tug at my heart begging to be noticed. I struggled with finding my 'soul purpose' and was frustrated by my lack to break free from being everybody's someone and nothing for myself.  

It wasn't until I gave myself up to the possibilities and paid attention to my longing that I discovered the magnitude of love and joy in my heart.


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