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Run Yourself Happy

Run Yourself Happy

Experience FREEDOM

Life is experienced through your body senses.

I'm sure you recall the freedom of being a kid and running endlessly, unencumbered, feeling alive! 

Age  brings changes, but a healthy, fit body will always allow you freedom to live fiercely, savoring each experience fully and creating more than you could ever imagine!  


In a world where you're usually behind a screen, it's refreshing to connect with nature. Explore all your senses; take in the beauty that surrounds you; inhale the fragrance; taste the rain; touch various terrains and step out of your comfort zone into freedom. Your only requirement is to breathe, open your mind and expand your possibilities. Get ready to challenge yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.  


Mind, Body Spirit Connection

Running is the catalyst to self-discovery.  

Moving your body is a natural form of discovery and play that not only gets your body healthy, but clears your mind and opens your soul! Running or walking in nature helps you become aware of total acceptance and love without judgment

What I know is people struggle with feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem and limiting beliefs. Many feel trapped in the adult world of commitment, work and obligation and are desperately looking for a sense of freedom! Life gets thrown at you, but YOU create your reality.

 Nature honors space for you to be exactly who you are. There are no requirements, dress codes, demands or judgements. When you allow your body to move in a natural way, the mind can disengage and relax. Rather than worry about stressful exercises or awkward poses you quiet the mind chatter and allow creativity to flow. From that vantage point you gain insight into your heart and open up to JOY!

Reflecting in the Meadow

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Wonderful autumn sunrise of Hintersee la

Wander often; wonder always...
as you discovery nature, you discover yourself. Dawn

Meet Your Leader - Dawn Ciccone
IIN Certified Health Coach   |   RRCA & USATF Running Coach
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I've always loved sunshine and fresh air, but it wasn't until I truly gave myself up to the possibilities of life that I discovered the magnitude of support in nature. I struggled with finding my 'soul purpose' and was frustrated by my lack to break free from being everybody's someone and nothing for myself. I had a deep yearning to go off on a 'eat, love, pray' journey, but realized that wherever you go, there you are. I decided to save time and the expense of traveling to far-off places and went into the woods! That's why I'm the authentic wanderer.


I walked with the introspective to answer the inevitable “who am I and where do I fit in the universe?” I had no expectations- just an intention to remain open-hearted to what presented itself.

I discovered I could trust love there, because nature gives it unconditionally. There's nothing you need do or say; no dress code - it’s come as you are - perfectly human with all your imperfect fears of being unloving, unlovable or unworthy.  Nature will not laugh or ridicule; there are no judgements and it will never abandon you! Here is where you re-learn acceptance and trust of yourself.  And that’s when the magic begins! :)

Much Love,

The Authentic Wanderer, spreading JOY along the way.

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