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Find Your Joy

with Dawn Ciccone

Discover Joy Phone Session

Are you stuck; feeling muted; maybe a little lost? Do you long to expand beyond who others think you are and into who YOU truly are?

The only path to JOY is discovering yourself. The way to self-discovery is in questioning; seeking that which is beyond your reach, but not in a futile search for answers, but rather an awe-inspired thirst to grow.


It may seem a huge task to finding joy, but when you're living a heart-centered life, it's easy.  All that's required in claiming JOY is an openness to shine light on those beliefs keeping you small. Even if it seems elusive, trust you can own your magnificence. One phone call starts the process of honoring you.

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Step Into Your Joy

3 Month 'Coming Out' Program

As you peel the onion of YOU, the magnificent potential you are begins to reveal itself.  

You can't nurture that which you are unaware of and sometimes you need guidance navigating limiting beliefs that block you from discovering

all the juicy details of you!

In the beginning of self-discovery  it's essential to be supported so you don't slip back into familiar

 It's my honor to assist in birthing the beautiful, vibrant woman you are. Together we'll walk

each step into being her!  

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Live Your Joy Portal Membership

You're peeling the onion, setting boundaries, and discovering your magnificence.  Now's the time to honor LIVING a soul-centered life. This exclusive membership offers induction into Our Badass Women's tribe, a powerful group of soulful women who  express their thoughts, speak their voice and support one another in claiming their JOY. 

Membership includes a plethora of possibilities and opportunities to support your journey.  


Happiness comes and goes with experiences, but 

joy is a constant state-of-being. No-one can take away your JOY when you're living it!  It is who you are. 

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If you’re driving a car, a few degrees change in the position of the steering wheel ends
up being hundreds of degrees change in course! Likewise, it’s about tweaking your
lifestyle in an easy way; not drastic change that'll set off fearful alarms and set you up to fail.
Dawn  Ciccone