Live Your Joy Portal Membership

Even the most successful woman suffers from periods of not feeling good enough; struggles with limiting beliefs and critical self-talk. You may have an abundant life by societal standards, yet you feel something is missing. You might realize that your job means going through the motions one more day. You may wake up next to your partner and realize that you’re virtually strangers. And the fact you question your life at all leaves feelings of ungratefulness, selfishness and shame.

What to Expect

Taking Care of YOU

There's no badge of honor in draining yourself to emotional depletion. If you have nothing left for you there certainly isn't anything left to give another no matter how much you desire. Your membership in this program automatically enrolls you in the Badass Women Tribe. This tribe stands fiercely together in their feminine energy knowing they matter. You'll gain support, and learn mindset and practices to assist you in overcoming any challenge life throws your way...  

  • Self doubt & negative inner dialogue

  • Fears

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Anxiety & stress

  • Anger or resentment

  • Stagnation or boredom

  • Worry, guilt, shame

  • Dietary issues

  • Motivational issues, sadness

Self care is vital to replenishing and restoring balance to live your joy. 

Image by Valdemars Magone

Creating Momentum 

It takes making a new habit to breaking an old.  Momentum is created through regular practice. Starting routines that support you will develop lifetime habits. Live Your Joy offers practices for you to explore and try out within the safe confines of your home. Create your personal sanctuary where you express, nurture, and honor the magnificent woman you are.  

  • You will learn the importance of meditation and you will be guided how to do it in a way that is easy for you!

  • Learn independence and the art of positive thinking “change your thoughts, change your life!”

  • Discover tools to catalyze your mental, physical, and spiritual growth.

  • Develop a new understanding of yourself and new ways to nurture yourself.

  • Eat well/ live well/ exercise to help you rise in vibration and have a more aligned way of living within your body and it’s energetics.

  • Move through difficult times with ease and grace.

  • Use meditation, journaling, music, scents.


Who You Become

You are empowered with joy. You've reconnected with your dreams and ignited your passion. The old paradigm of day to day existence of obligations, mundane rituals and only moments of excitement and happiness are transformed into excitement, creativity, and joy. You blew your heart open to feeling the love that surrounds you and choose to seeing live fiercely, passionately and fully.  

  • You transformed into a woman who authentically lives in your sacred space of knowing you matter.

  • You speak your truth without fear of another's opinion or judgement.

  • You acknowledge yourself as a powerful energy illuminating the way for others to realize the miracles that wait in every challenge.

  • You authentically own and value who you are and the effect you have on the world.

  • You've identified where your boundaries were being violated, and in some cases, developed boundaries that didn't exist.

  • You have a toolbox of self care methodology to keep you centered in your mission.