Uniting Body, Mind and Spirit

A Powerful Body Reset
that gives you sustainable results.

Hello Beautiful Soul.

- Gift yourself time for self-care and self-nourishment for your soul and body.

- Get energized, vibrant; have better sleep, a clearer mind and joyful disposition.

- Improve your mental clarity and strengthen your physical abilities.

- Push yourself outside your comfort zone and reinvent yourself. 

- Possess a calm that emulates from the inside out.

​- A new sense of joy will radiate from your heart.

- Gain the confidence to be in love with your body.

- Feel connected and grounded.

- Feel that your spirit is alive.


Looking forward to meeting you!

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I’ve been called a change maker, way shower and transformational coach, but I consider myself the authentic wander.

I started life as a creative and gifted child who soon had to adapt to the dysfunction of my environment. My life journey has taken me through abuse, an eating disorder, trauma, smoking addiction and near-death tragedy.  I took each life challenge and turned them into possibilities and lessons. I found my JOYin being fit and healthy, became an elite runner in my field with 23 marathons and numerous running awards. I developed a passion for conscious living through my body which led to my freedom from limited thinking.

Now I offer my passion to inspire others to look ‘outside’ who they learned to be and discover the magnificence of who they really are! I approach transformation with a contagious energy by guiding people to discover and reinvent themselves through body movement, fresh air, inspired conversations and self reflection.


I am a Warrior. But a warrior is more than just strength and resilience and a tenacity to never give up. A warrior holds an open heart and an open mind. She loves with every fiber of her soul without judgement...for she stands in her own truth that LOVE is all there is. 

Live YOUR joy, not someone else's idea of what that should look like! 





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