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Hi, I'm Dawn!
It doesn't matter where or when you start...just that you do.

It's my honor to meet you wherever you're in your journey and offer
my experience, knowledge and gifts to catapult you into achieving the goals you set for yourself.  
Allow me to share my passion for discovering your soul through body movement in nature - fresh air, inspired conversations and self reflection. COME AS YOU ARE - 
Live the Adventure of YOUR life! 

Let's Get to Know Each Other

You were led to find me because paths cross for a reason.

You’re meant to be here and it’s time to take charge of your life! 


I’m an accomplished athlete with 23 marathons and hundreds of races completed, winning my division in most of them. I discovered running after ending a 2 1/2 pack per day cigarette addiction while also battling a long history of bulimia. Running catapulted me into a life of energy and joy I never thought possible and exposed me to the magic of nature. I am a conscious life coach, mind/body/wellness, nutritional educator, running coach and Reiki master, passionate about helping you actualize your fullest potential.

At age of 50 I was struck head-on by a truck while running my usual morning run. Thrown 20 feet into the air, I found myself in a fetal position with head trauma, a protruding knee bone on one side and a shattered tibia plateau on the other. I had no idea of the extent of my injuries at the time, yet alone realize the I'd be fighting not only for for my life, but also for my soul. 

I learned how life changes in a heartbeat,
but with change emerges the Soulful Woman. 

After weeks of multiples surgeries and complications, I found myself alone and helpless. Wherever the nurse placed me for the day is where I remained; it’s quite humbling to be so venerable that you must rely on someone else for even your most basic needs. My goal of running ultra-distance quickly diminished to being able to go to the bathroom on my own, take a shower unassisted, and return to sleeping in my upstairs bed.


The thought of giving up never occurred to me. I knew deep in my soul running set me free and I needed to live that joy again. Over the next year I went from a hospital bed, to wheelchair, to walker, to a cane.  Despite all odds, I came back to running and even competing again. 

                                   The Soul Whisperer, spreading Joy along the way.


Athlete, author, lifestyle transformation guide 

Certified RRCA running coach (Road Runner Clubs of America) 

USTAF coach (United States Track and Field)

American Red Cross Health & Safety Instructor

Certified Nutritional Health Educator and Personal Fitness Trainer 

Certified Master Reiki Practitioner, intuitive, empath, inspirational speaker & dynamic vocalist

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Personal Records & Achievements
  • ​​​Twenty-three marathons

  • 50 half marathons

  • Thousands of races from 5k to15k

  • Dawn repeatedly wins her age division

  • ​4th place Marine Corp PR of 3:18

  • 1st Place Division Awards in Marathons

    • Disney World (2x)

    • NJ Marathon (3x)

    • Kiawah Island

    • Tamarindo Beach

    • Lost Dutchman (2014 & 2015)​

Personal Records (PR) ​​
  • 5 19:35

  • 5k miles 3:18

  • 10k 42:08

  • 15k 1:06

  • 10 miles 1:10

  • 1/2 marathon 1:30:46

​​​In 2006, Dawn was struck head-on by a truck while running. Told she wouldn't walk normally and never run again, she took on the challenge with courage and determination. After a two-year arduous journey, Dawn came back running. Always up for a challenge, she gave all but her marathon trophies away determined to comeback from where she was now. Dawn proceeded to win her age division once again, proving her athleticism.

Post Accident PRs
  • 5k 21:52

  • 5 miles 37:02

  • 10k 44:08

  • 15k 1:13

  • 10 miles 1:13

  • 1/2 marathon 1:43

  • Marathon 3:56


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