One on One


with Dawn Ciccone

Find Your Joy

Single Session

One phone call can change your life!

Are you feeling stuck, muted, maybe even a little bit lost? If you're ready for a change, take the courageous step and book a FREE discovery session of uninterrupted YOU-time that focuses on YOUR concerns and desires. One call starts the process of honoring your dreams.

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Live Your Joy

3 Month Program

Whether the issue is diet, fitness or an emotional challenge holding you back, I'm your biggest advocate who will support you every step of the way.  I lived not feeling good enough and being someone's something, but nothing for myself.  It is my passion is to help you see the beautiful, magnificent woman you are and create a plan to step into being her!  It's easier to take things head-on with support. 

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InJoy Your Body

A Lifestyle Transformation Program

A Powerful Body Reset that gives you sustainable results. Learn the tools to be in joy with your body rather than fighting, criticizing and wishing it was younger, thinner, prettier or different.  

This program comes from a soul-centered place that honors and trusts your beautiful and powerful body. 

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Natural Beauty
'If you’re driving a car, a few degrees change in the position of the steering wheel ends up being hundreds of degrees change in course! Likewise, it’s about tweaking your lifestyle in an easy way; not drastic change that will set off fearful alarms and set you up to fail."
Dawn  Ciccone