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Hi Beautiful. How well do you truly know yourself?

(You may be surprised what you find out!)


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Discover Joy-Phone Session

Are you stuck; feeling muted; maybe a little lost? Do you long to expand beyond who others think you are and into who YOU truly are?

The only path to JOY is discovering yourself. The way to self-discovery is in questioning; seeking that which is beyond your reach, but not in a futile search for answers, but rather an awe-inspired thirst to grow. 

Step Into Joy
3 Month 'Coming Out' Program

As you peel the onion of YOU, your magnificent potential reveals itself. You can't nurture that which you are unaware of and it helps to have guidance navigating limiting beliefs that block you from discovering all the juicy details of you!

In the beginning of self-discovery it's essential to be supported so you don't slip back into familiar habits.  It's my honor to assist in birthing the beautiful, vibrant woman you are. Together we'll walk each step into being her!  

Live Your Joy Portal Membership

You're peeling the onion, setting boundaries, and discovering your magnificence.  Now's the time to honor LIVING a soul-centered life. This exclusive membership offers induction into the tribe Badass Women, a powerful group of soulful women who express their thoughts, speak their voice and support one another in claiming your JOY. 

Membership includes a plethora of possibilities and opportunities to support your journey.  

In Joy Your Body
A Powerful Body Reset with sustainable results.

 ​Learn to be in joy with your body rather than criticizing or wishing it younger, thinner or prettier. 

This personalized online transformation program encompasses all aspects of your health, nutrition and body movement, as well as your mindset. This isn't a diet or cookie-cutter, program. There aren't any food lists, calorie restriction or counting points. 

 Allow yourself a soul-centered program that teaches how to honor and trust your beautiful and powerful body. The body knows the way to live a joyful, energized, active life.​


Lynn S.

Dawn is an inspiration in her commitment to being her best and supporting her clients in their optimal state of wellness. She's got tools, education and resources and more. ... The most important asset she brings to her clients is that she truly cares about them. Dawn is transformation in living form for, with and through her clients.

David S.

To anyone who is trying to overcome a health issue, a weight issue, a sleeping issue or just improve their ability to exercise and perform (at any level), I strongly recommend Dawn as a "guide back to normalcy." She is very caring and very knowledgeable about the human body and what it needs to perform the functions (INCLUDING "HEALING") it is capable of performing.

Joey P.

Dawn is a passionate confident woman that follows the strength in her soul and is aware of what lies ahead as well as beneath. To have Dawn in your corner is having someone light the fire within you to discover the beauty that has at times felt hidden. She is a gift to all that cross paths with her.

Welcome! I'm Dawn. 

I believe paths cross for reasons and that's why you were led here. I'm grateful and hope I have the honor of meeting you.


You might believe that in order to begin to ‘live your life,’ you need to be thinner, successful or more beautiful. But this isn’t true and deep down you know it. At the center of your being, you want to be seen in the world as the glowing, radiant, confident, and beautiful being that you already are.




My Promise to you is to use all my knowledge, gifts and experience to catapult you into authentically stepping into living your beautiful life and rediscovering joy.

Answers lie within the silence of being.

As a certified health and nutrition counselor, writer, NPS guide, marathoner, personal trainer, and running coach, as well as energy healer, I incorporate all my expertise to help you actualize your fullest potential to live an empowered life. But it's my first-hand experience that allows me to stand out amongst other coaches. There's a unique advantage having 'lived through' what others are dealing with. 

Having conquered abusive relationships, addiction, trauma and disordered eating and coming back from a tragic accident that left me helpless,  I know how to turn challenges into opportunities! 

Whatever it is you're facing, I'd love to be your coach, guide, and mentor throughout your journey. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Much Love,

The Authentic Wanderer, spreading JOY along the way.

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' 

Actually, who are you not to be?"


- Marianne Williamson

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Dawn Ciccone, The Authentic Wanderer